Interview w/ Shock Ru @iAmShockRu

Interview w/ Shock Ru @iAmShockRu

1. Who Really Is Shock Ru & Where is he From?

Shock Ru is the answer to bringing back hip hop, a Gorilla in God form just waiting to create new footsteps for other artist to follow! Originally from Paterson, NJ now resides in Florence, SC.

2. Who Exactly are The “Ru Boyz”

A Group of talented artist with various styles *Ru* abbreviated from Piru.

3. Out of all the music in your genre out now, what separates you from them? 

I don’t believe most of them are spilling their pain, their true lives. They get famous & pretend as if they been had it. Its like a whole bunch of *Band Wagon* rappers now days. I’m in my own lane & speaking for the streets & real life things that took place. Its only a few artist left like me, its rare!

4. Tell the fans something that they would be shocked to know about Shock Ru?

Lets see, I don’t have any favorite football or basketball teams lol . I’m more so into Boxing & UFC *Lets Go Champ*

5.  What New Music have you released this year? What can people expect when they hear you?

I released a Freestyle to ALL THE WAY UP last week & DJ’s grabbed it quickly & its been being in rotation every since. My next 2 SINGLES will be *ALL THIS MONEY,  & MY GOONS* which will be for the summer.

6. Whats a song that you haven’t released yet that you believe is gonna change the game for your career? 

Uhmm, Its a few that may change it, but I have confidence in *ALL THIS MONEY* as of now. Whats to come is going to show that I still have a full tank of gas.

7. How Can Fans Get In Touch With Shock Ru? 

Fans can get in touch with me easily through social media, Im very active on them all. My Twitter is @iAmShockRu , my Facebook is Shock Ru , my Instagram is shockru , my Snapchat is Shock_Ru !