Former donut-licker Ariana Grande has moved on from kissing pastries toher best friends. The singer was hanging out with her former Victorious co-star Liz Gillies when the on and off-screen best friends kissed on camera and now Ariana says she “accidentally” posted the video to Instagram. It seems a little far-fetched to call this an “accident” since Instagram has about three steps before pressing the “share” button along with a “delete” button. Either way, the post made headlines yesterday and Ariana took to Twitter to clear things up?

At least Ariana is showing her friendly side after donutgate sent her into a whirlwind of bad press that made the singer the second most-hated person in America (behind Bill Cosby). The clip sent some into a frenzy but this was clearly harmless fun.

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Ariana Grande Makes Out With Girl; Accidentally Posts Video